6 Key Facts about Good Signage for your Business

28th November 2017
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6 Key Facts about Good Signage for your Business

Running a business can be very challenging no matter what the size or scale. Budgets need to be balanced, HR issues need to be addressed, Sales need to be made and often new ideas and products need to be developed. Brainstorming ideas around signage and or graphics can be perceived as just a ‘fun thing to do’. Sometimes it’s tough finding the time to put signage on the priority list!
The reality is that signage is not just fun and decoration; it’s a vital part of any business. If your signage is not professionally produced it will produce a negative perception of your business. This is equally important to both internal signage and external signage.
Here we share PW Group’s 6 facts that shows the importance of quality signage, as reported by the Ketchum Global Research and Analytics group:

    1. Attract new footfall and traffic.

Over 75% of consumers indicated that they had entered an unfamiliar store purely based on compelling signage Our signage page Maybe your signage/Logo strikes a chord with the person. Your promotion could attract the eyes of a real bargain hunter. Or maybe the quality, materials and or colours used in your sign really make you stand out compared to the other premises which makes the person ask: “What makes this place so different and special, I must go in?” Attractive top quality signage can attract new business – it’s that simple!

    2. Secure quality referrals.

Nearly 75% of respondents indicated that they have told a family member or friend about a business based entirely from its signage. Perhaps your sign is a big talking point because of its style or structure, whatever the case may be, these sign-based referrals happen every day, and you should try to take advantage of it!

    3. Improve those first impressions

I don’t think anyone would turn up on a first date with unwashed uncombed hair, bad breath, and dirty clothes, so why would you try to make a first impression on a prospect with a badly designed and executed sign? Nearly 70% of consumers indicate that the quality of a business’ sign reflects the quality of the business itself.

    4. Improve your sales

Consumers will feel much better in relation to buying from companies who have quality signage: 67% of consumers say that sign quality influenced their purchase decisions.

    5. Stop turning prospects away.

Nearly 60% of consumers say that a lack of signage prevented them from entering premises. Apart from this making your business seem less professional than its competitor, it’s missing the commercial signage opportunity of any directional signage, promotional information, or product previews that would encourage their interest in checking out what you have to offer.

    6. Legibility is key.

Consumers and business owners agree that sign legibility is the most important factor. Eye-catching images and fantastic slogans are great, but the most important impression you can make with your prospects has to do with your business name, business location, and the products or services you offer!

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PWG’s 6-step process to delivering great signage consistently

This is the process we follow to ensure quality signage to our clients. This is how we do it:

1. Surveys & Audits

A dialogue process starts, during which we evaluate, analyse and interpret your needs leading into an accurate signage brief which leads to a detailed on site survey of the proposed areas involved.

2. Project Management

Communication is key. We assign a dedicated account manager to each project to guide and coordinate every stage of its development, from initial concept through to completion. This takes into account all the critical signage elements such as design, functional and installation objectives, timing and budgetary parameters.

3. Design

Our signage design team, starts with an open brief to assess and listen to your own vision and ideas and we then develop this into the appropriate sign solutions that will enhance your brand and meet specific functional requirements.

4. Planning

All Projects vary in terms of scale and planning requirements. Our experience in planning consent requirements and health and safety regulations enables us to facilitate the overall planning process.

5. Fabrication
We constantly strive to use the latest signage techniques and substrates in conjunction with traditional materials to give a unique signage solution.

6. Installation

We have an experienced team of signage fitters who are flexible to work around your working hours to ensure minimum disruption.

As the leading sign company in Dublin PW Group have years of experience at sign design and installation.

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