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Social Media Marketing has become an important part of most online marketing campaigns here at Digital World based in Tallaght, Dublin Ireland. Its popularity has grown considerably the past five years creating a huge marketing opportunity for those who take advantage of this new form of advertising.

It’s astonishing how many benefits some companies receive from social media, but we caution those considering it as part of their marketing strategy to learn how to use it effectively so that they can avoid the major pitfalls. For those who understand social media, it can be a powerful tool for both gaining and retaining clients, but at the same time, improper use can lead to dismal results and wasted money.

There are several reasons to include social media in a company’s marketing strategy, but amazingly, the most important reasons are almost always overlooked. This can be harmful to a business as it often leads to improper implementation and misguided strategies. This eventually leaves those using social media wondering why they ever started. For this reason, it’s important that those individuals considering social media as a marketing strategy first consult with a professional to see if social media marketing would be a good fit for their business. Although social media is the preferred marketing channel for most consumers, it’s not right for every business.

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Is Social Media Right for You?

Every company has different needs: for example, some businesses might find that their social media efforts need to focus on providing customer service, while others could see the most benefit from running social ad campaigns.

We all know that social media is hugely popular but the truth is that it’s not the right fit for everyone. All profiles might be structured the same, but this is not a cookie-cutter form of marketing—the whole point is that its personal, individualized. We’ve mentioned before that SEO for companies that have a product hard for customers to get excited about (such as underground fuel tanks) can’t rely on people to naturally want to link to their site. The same applies with social media—it’s social, which means that fostering an interaction between the company and its consumers is crucial. If your intended audience isn’t likely to find you or engage you via social media, creating a number of different profiles could mean wasted time.
Succeeding with social media and making it a useful resource to aid in your digital marketing takes a lot of time and resources. Give us a call, and Digital World can help you create the individualized game plan you need to promote that success.

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