Helping you save money and the environment with our travel mug initiative.

23rd January 2018
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    Helping you save money and the environment with our travel mug scrappage initiative.

According to a recent Amarách Research poll: The majority of people in Ireland would like to see the end use of single-use disposable coffee cups. The PW Group are helping clients to drive this campaign with their Scrappage Travel Mug Offer. We have a range of different reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs and keep cups to suit clients budgets and specific requirements.

Reusable branded Keep cups and travel mugs

Most of the coffee cups in circulation have a plastic film in the middle of the cup to retain heat and therefore cannot be recycled! Some of the statistics related to the waste is staggering.
Minister for Communication, Climate Action and the Environment, Denis Naughten said that he was “gravely concerned” about Ireland’s plastic waste pollution. “As a society we discard an incredible 80% of what we produce after a single use. It gravely concerns me that two million disposable coffee cups a day are going to our landfills.”

The PW Group want to reduce this and help companies to provide a range of suitable reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs and keep cups for their staff as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility duties. The new staff company branded reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs, keep cups and Travel Mugs can be used within the office environment and also for use in general coffee shops outside the office environment. At all times your company logo will be sitting proud on the employees Travel Mugs wherever they are enjoying their coffee. So everyone wins out with our scrappage travel mug offer, the company from a brand awareness point of view, the employee who receives the gift, and the environment as we are cutting down on all the waste!

To make all of this work, everyone needs a change of attitude. We all thought the scrapping of the plastic bags would never work and look how we all adapted so quickly!
Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten is considering a new “latte levy” which would see an additional 10-15c to be added to the price of a coffee.This would be similar to the plastic bag levy introduced to cut down on waste which had a very positive effect.

An attitudinal shift.

The PW Group wants to help with this attitude shift by providing suitable reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs, keep cups and reusable travel mugs to suit everybody’s budget and need. Different clients will have different requirements. They may order from our Contigo Travel Mug range which has a range of high specifications such as: keeping the fluids hotter for longer, good grip, anti spillage and the opening mechanism it is unique for. However, other clients may need alternative reusable coffee cups,travel coffee mugs, keep cups and reusable travel mugs which have less additional features as the Contigo range but suits their budget and requirements.

The good news is there is an additional incentive for people to make the change. Some of Ireland’s main coffee chains, such as Insomnia, Starbuck and Caffé Nero are incentivising their customers to bring in their own cups by offering discounts and additional loyalty stamps on purchases.
Join The PW group on our mission to progress this initiative and contact us today on 01- 4057070 and or email us on so we can help you with our Scrappage Mug campaign.
#reusablecup #promotionalmug #brandedmug #brandedkeepcup
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