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2nd February 2018
Universal charging station phone dock Kiwi Box

How Can we help you?
– KiwiBox is a universal charging station that allows guests to charge all their devices no matter what the brand or model. We are compatible with all devices on the market and specialise in Smart-Eco Charging. Our patented system of interchangeable tips are able to recognise the brand/model of your smartphone to deliver exact amount of amperes required. Good for two reasons :

1. Takes care of your batteries and saves energy/electricity (Hotels worldwide waste up to 28% electricity annually).

2. KiwiBox also has a night/standby mode, turning off the LED charge indicators whilst continuing to charge your devices. When a device reaches 100% battery, that individual power-supply cuts off, managing each device’s requirements.

We have 2 models: KiwiBox K2 (2 tips + 1USB) and KiwiBox K4 (4 tips + 2USB). Each are entirely customisable with 3 main finishes: White, Silver, and Black.

We tend to equip rooms, lobbies, restaurants, reception counters, meeting/conference rooms and any public area with tactical charging.

– NFC Rear-Display is our KiwiBox add-on that enables the hotel to promote/communicate any contextual information or promotion that they want. From a video, website, social media, drive-to-store, drive-to-web, promotion deals etc…

With generous printing space from a welcoming message to a menu, thanks to our integrated NFC tag or QR code, hotels are able to send direct messages/content of your choice directly to guest’s smartphones. These messages can be created and updated on a day to day basis by our own marketing team remotely.

For more information click on our universal phone charging station and dock

Please drop over to our stand at the Hospitality Expo RDS, 6-7th February 2018-02-02

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